Do you need a permit to replace your water heater in Las Vegas?

Do you need a permit to replace your water heater in Las Vegas?

Having your water heater break down on you can be a headache on its own- but did you know that if you live in Las Vegas, it's actually required by law to get a permit to replace it? But don't worry - we've got all the info you need to make sure that every step goes smoothly when replacing your old water heater with a shiny new one. Knowing what permits are needed and how to obtain them can make the process much less intimidating. Let us guide you through getting permission for replacing your water heater!

Yes, you need a permit to replace your water heater in Las Vegas!

If you’ve been looking at replacing your water heater in Las Vegas, you’ll need to get a permit. But don't let this one little thing dampen your dreams of having the perfect hot showers; replacing your water heater in Las Vegas doesn't have to be a daunting task. Getting your permit sorted is relatively straightforward compared to the hard work of securing the perfect replacement. In fact, the process for obtaining a water heater permit is surprisingly simple! All you need to do is fill out an application at your local building and safety department office with proof of ownership, water heater installation instructions, plans, and other relevant documents. After submitting the application, it usually only takes 48 hours to receive approval for the permit to replace your water heater in Las Vegas. So no matter how intimidating paperwork may seem, it's nothing compared to the peace of mind that comes with having up-to-code water heating equipment installed in your home!

What is required for a water heater permit in Las Vegas?

Installing a water heater requires more than just picking up the parts and putting them together -- it also involves having access to permitted and certified professionals that know how to handle the installation process safely. Fortunately, obtaining a water heater permit doesn't have to be overly complicated if you know and follow the requirements.

Installing a gas water heater in a garage requires special considerations. The heater must be elevated at least 18 inches off the ground, and equipped with two seismic straps attached to the framing. Shutoff valves and sediment traps are also required for proper installation. Hot water pipes running through unconditioned spaces must be insulated with R-3 insulation or higher. In addition, any water pipes installed in or attached to a building must be bonded to the electrical service equipment panel. Finally, an electric water heater requires an electrical disconnect within sight of the heater, and a final inspection is necessary after all work has been completed.

How do you apply for a water heater permit in Las Vegas?

Applying for a Las Vegas water heater permit is quick and easy, and can usually be done online! First you’ll need to choose your permits by determining the type of Las Vegas water heater installation that you need for your project. You’ll need to know whether it will be a gas or electric water heater, as well as whether it will be tankless or not. Next, gather all the required documents to submit with your permit application. These can include blueprints, diagrams, photographs and more, and there will be instructions for exactly what you need based on permit type. Then, complete the permit application form by filling in all fields as accurately as possible. Finally, submit everything in person or online along with any fees. The most basic water heater replacement permit will cost you about $80 in Las Vegas, but if you need to add extra piping or systems, then that price could change. Once you have submitted the application you’ll just need to wait for review and approval - it's that simple!

How long will it take to process the water heater permit application?

When you submit an application for a water heater permit in Las Vegas, you may feel as though it will take forever to get processed, but the good news is that it won't! Generally speaking, it only takes around 48 hours before everything is officially given the go ahead. Not bad; just two days until you can begin installing your new water heater! Some situations may cause a delay in processing, like incomplete plans or missed items in the paperwork, but a call to the office of the Building Authority will help you get everything back on track


Replacing your water heater in Las Vegas really doesn't have to be a hassle! With the right permits and procedures, you can have your new water heater up and running in no time. We hope this helped bring clarity to the application process, requirements for the permit, and processing time for receiving your new water heater. Don't forget that there are professional companies, like Dignity Plumbing, who can help handle all the paperwork for you so you don't have to worry about it. If you need a new water heater, let Dignity Plumbing handle everything for you! For any other plumbing needs, feel free to reach out to us and we'll be happy to help. From all of us at Dignity Plumbing, thank you for entrusting us with all of your plumbing service needs!

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