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Gas Line Leak: Safety Tips to Remember

Your company's gas line or piping powers a wide variety of different devices, ranging from your hot water tank to your furnace. If you suspect you have a leak somewhere in your gas line or piping, don't panic. The problem can be easily resolved with some help from a professional plumbing company. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you think you have a gas leak.

Know the Difference Between a Good and Bad Flame

In some cases, your gas line or piping might be used to start a small flame, like that of a pilot light. One way you might be able to check whether you have a leak or not is to inspect the color of this small flame. A blue flame means the gas is getting to the device as intended. If you ever see this flame turn orange or yellow, however, this means something is wrong, and the gas should be shut off immediately.

Know Where the Shutoff Valves Are Located

Most commercial business owners know where the main water shutoff valve is, but what about the valve that shuts off the incoming gas supply? This might not be located in the same spot. A professional can help you locate the valve if needed, but a good place to start would be outside near wherever your gas meter is located.

If you notice the smell of gas or notice a flame that doesn't look right within your heating system or any of your gas-line powered equipment, close the shutoff valve as soon as possible.

Know the Evacuation Plan

Once you are sure there is a gas leak and you've taken steps like trying to stop the incoming gas, it's time to get people to safety. If you have employees or customers in a location where gas might be leaking, it's in everyone's best interest to evacuate immediately. Yes, this might annoy people or cost you some business, but it's important to keep everyone's safety at the front of your mind.

Ideally, your company will already have an evacuation plan in place for the event of a fire or natural disaster. Get word out about the leak, and tell people to follow the evacuation protocol.

Know Where Your Chemicals and Other Combustible Materials Are Stored

A large commercial business that has a warehouse or another large facility is likely to have a wide variety of cleaning chemicals sitting around in order to keep things tidy. You should never store any kind of chemical or other combustible fluid or material anywhere near furnaces, hot water tanks, or any other source of heat.

If you notice a gas leak, do a quick double check of the surrounding area. Remove any chemicals or other flammable substances that could start a fire. Remove these items from the area even if you've already shut down the incoming gas with the shutoff valve.

Know the Number of a Local Commercial Plumbing Company

Despite your best efforts to maintain a safe work environment, you can have a gas leak. In this scenario, it's important to know the number of a local commercial plumbing company that can respond quickly. Your best bet is to look up a reputable firm prior to an incident taking place in order to form a long-term partnership.

Your local commercial plumbing company can perform a regular inspection of your gas line or piping as well as your regular plumbing in order to help keep problems at bay.

At Dignity Plumbing, we have more than 20 years of experience helping companies just like yours. We are adept at responding to emergencies and can restore your property to normal quickly so you can get back to work. Contact us today for more information.

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