‍Water Line Repair: How to Repair Leaks in Water Lines

From the supply line to the toilet, leaks in water lines don’t just cause water wastage but also lead to mold and mildew growth and structural damage.

Once you have identified the water leakage, you should repair it as soon as possible before the leakage leads to significant damage.

It’s a misconception that repairing leaky water lines requires extensive digging and filling. The following guide discusses different methods to repair leaks in water lines without extensive plumbing work.

  1. Early signs of water lines leakage
  2. Water main breaks
  3. Leaking pipe joints
  4. Valves leakage
  5. Pinhole leak
  6. Pipe crack
  7. Pipe seepage

Water line leakage certainly causes financial and structural damage. However, ignoring the leaks can lead to health hazards due to mold and toxic microbial growth.

Keep reading to learn how to repair the water lines according to different types of leakage.

Early Signs of Water Line Leakage

How to Repair Leaks in Water Lines

It’s best to repair a water line by looking for early leakage signs instead of waiting until you need to replace the existing water lines.

  • Noise - You’ll hear unusual noise from the water lines when you turn on the faucets and water taps. Often these sounds are like the pipes are shaking or tapping.
  • Wet or moist floor - Check under the sink, the floor tiles or under the carpet for water spots or dampness for water damage. Sometimes water leaks from the lines into the floor, so you should be careful about moist floors.
  • Unpleasant odor - There is a strange smell near the leaky water pipe due to bacteria and mold growth.
  • Change in water color - If you see orange-colored or rusty water coming from the taps, the water line has been leaking for a long time leading to the iron buildup.
  • Decreased water pressure - If you see a significant reduction in water pressure, it can be a sign of water line leakage.
  • Higher water bill - You can check the monthly water bill, and if there is a sudden increase in the total bill than usual, a leaky water line can be the culprit.
  • Other signs - The cracks in the foundation and ceiling, damp drywall, and mildew growth indicate leakage in water pipes. 

Water Main Breaks

How to Repair Leaks in Water Lines

Commonly known as a pipe fracture, it happens on the main water distribution and transmission lines. If the water main breaks, it can cause significant water loss and damage to the surrounding property.

You can easily identify the water main break from low water pressure and repair it in time to prevent further damage.

However, a water main usually breaks due to corrosion, soil movement, or water hammer.

That’s why you need to hire a professional plumbing service to repair the clamps and couplings of this large-diameter main water pipe.

Leaking Pipe Joints

How to Repair Leaks in Water Lines

Leaks don’t necessarily occur in the pipe; they usually happen at the connection and pipe joints.

Excess pipe pressure, loose connection, damaged or incorrectly placed rubber gasket, or corroded fitting are all causes of leaking pipe joints.

You can use your household tools to replace the joint in such a case.

  • Flashlight
  • Safety glass
  • Measuring tape
  • Pipe cutter
  • Clamp tool
  • Joints and gasket

If the pipe joints are visible and not underground, you can replace them yourself. For instance, you can use Teflon tape or a plumber’s tap to restrict the leakage; however, it’s a temporary solution before the actual repair.

That’s why it’s best to call the experts at Dignity Plumbing to perform the tasks to prevent leakage in the future.

Valve Leakage

How to Repair Leaks in Water Lines

If the valve is old or corroded, or sealed improperly, it starts leaking water. To repair this type of leakage, you should buy high-quality gate valves that meet International standards.

Pinhole Leak

As the name indicates, tiny circular holes appear in the water line due to punctures from debris or corrosion, leading to leakage. In such a case, you can use repair clamps to close the holes permanently.

You can use moisture-cured urethane (MCU) fiberglass wrap to repair the pinhole leaks instantly. However, you should know that the MCU wraps work when the internal pressure is less than 50 psi.

Also, the MCU doesn’t offer exceptional adhesion and serves only as a temporary repair solution. They are designed to offer a service life of fewer than six months.

Pipe Crack

How to Repair Leaks in Water Lines

Due to gradual pipe wear, cracks appear in the line. However, if these cracks remain unnoticed for a long time, it can lead to a pipe burst or, as we call it, a main break.

Repairing a pipe crack takes time, effort, money as you need to replace the section of pipe that burst as soon as possible. Also, you need to use the repair clamps to fix the new pipe section.

The external clamps are a perfect option to fix water pipes of small diameter. The clamps use bolting technology to prevent the leak; however, they can lose tension over time, leading to external rust.

Lastly, the clamps don’t work on water pipes that aren’t uniform or straight. Also, you need specialized equipment to install heavy external clamps on large-diameter pipes.

Pipe Seepage

Asbestos cement pipes have a semi-porous surface that can cause the water to seep through. As a result, these AC pipes deteriorate over time, leading to water leakage.

One of the biggest problems with pipe seepage is identifying the exact location. Therefore, it’s best to replace the AC pipes with PE or PVC pipes to repair the water leakage and prevent future occurrences.

What to Do When You Find a Water Line Leak?

A leak in the water line is undoubtedly stressful and worrisome. However, it’s not uncommon for households to have water line leakage.

The good news is that you can call Dignity Plumbing which offers reliable water line repair services. Also, they identify the exact location of the underground leakage courtesy of more than 20 years of experience.

It’s best in your long-term interest not to resort to a temporary solution to curb water line leakage. Instead, Dignity plumbing guarantees a permanent repair solution for the main water line leakage.

Dignity Plumbing offers the following services:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Service warranty
  • Professional staff
  • Affordable prices
  • Long-term relationship with the client

If you don’t want to bear the cost of structural damage to the home due to leaks in water lines, you can SCHEDULE an appointment today.

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