‍Why It’s Important to Preserve Water in Las Vegas and How to Fix Problems

Las Vegas is a thriving city in the middle of the desert. That’s why it’s essential for residents to conserve water to prevent drought and water resource depletion.

Read the following guide to learn about existing water problems and the importance of preserving water in Las Vegas.

As a community, it’s your responsibility to identify water waste and take the desired steps to address water supply issues in Las Vegas.

  1. Las Vegas’ water source
  2. Ban on mega swimming pools
  3. Indoor water reuse
  4. Using technology
  5. Zeroscraping yard
  6. Las Vegas water police

Around 10 percent of the water comes from local groundwater, while Colorado River’s Lake Mead supplies the other 90 percent of our water.

Las Vegas’ water source

Why It’s Important to Preserve Water in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a tourist destination that around 42.5 million annual visitors who enjoy vacations in luxurious resorts.

Interestingly, the city is located in the Mojave desert, which is a victim of soaring temperatures in summer and an extended drought.

Reduction in rainfall combined with a dry and hot atmosphere and an increasing population, Las Vegas will be facing extreme water scarcity soon.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) keeps a close check on the daily water usage and is aiming to reduce the daily water usage to 199 gallons per household by 2035.

Other water preservation measures include:

  • Since 2003, the residents can’t grow grass in the front yard because grass consumes significant water.
  • Newly constructed homes beginning in 2022 can’t grow grass in front or backyard.
  • Beginning in 2023, use of city water to irrigate ornamental lawn will be disallowed.
  • The annual water budget of golf courses has been reduced to four-acre feet from 6.3 acre-feet of irrigated area.

Water preservation is a win-win situation for the residents and the city authority. On the one hand, water utilization decreases while on the other, hydro bills significantly reduce.

Ban on Mega Swimming Pools

Why It’s Important to Preserve Water in Las Vegas

Las Vegas city authorities have enacted a ban on large size swimming pools.

Residents can construct pools to a maximum of 600 square feet of the water. Also, in southern Nevada, the average swimming pool size is 470 square feet.

Similarly, there is a strict limitation on the swimming pool size for the hotels and resorts based on the number of guests.

According to the Las Vegas water district, this ban can help in saving 32 million gallons of water for the coming ten years, which is excellent.

Indoor Water Reuse

Why It’s Important to Preserve Water in Las Vegas

The casinos and resorts have been recycling most water for a long time. However, the residents use 60 percent of the Las Vegas water indoors and outdoors.

Besides preserving outdoor water, it’s essential to recycle indoor water by using advanced water treatment methods. This way, the home owners can treat the water used in the laundry while reusing it to water the lawn.

Using Technology

Why It’s Important to Preserve Water in Las Vegas

Courtesy of evolving technology, house, and resort owners can now use automatic water faucets to minimize water waste.

Besides installing sensors in faucets, hotels and residents can install low-flow faucets to reduce water utilization further.

Similarly, it’s best to use timed sprinklers in the lawns to optimize water usage. Finally, by taking good care of swimming pools by cleaning filters, the owners don’t have to change the pool water often. Use of a Pool Cover is another good way of reducing evaporation in swimming pools during the summer.

Xeriscaping Yard

Why It’s Important to Preserve Water in Las Vegas

Once upon a time, tourists marveled at the greenery developed in the city. However, the city authority has standardized the desert landscape due to the severe threat of water scarcity.

The water features, fountains, and man-made waterfalls are being replaced with non-evaporating rock-scapes. Hence, the residents now use metal art, cement statues, and rock features to decorate the outdoors.

Similarly, the city authority uses hardscapes to adorn the side streets and freeways to offer a delightful sight to tourists.

Residents are encouraged to use plants that don’t require much watering. Also, their home gardens can use drip irrigation to water desert plants and flowers.

One of the most significant advantages of rock-scaping around the plants is keeping the dust away while retaining moisture content.

Besides minimal maintenance effort, the rock-scaping also reduced the overall gardening cost to the residents.

Las Vegas Water Police

Why It’s Important to Preserve Water in Las Vegas

You heard it right; Las Vegas has a water patrol responsible for reinforcing the water conservation rules within the city. Also, there is a hotline to report any water waste defined as:

  • Not following the mandatory even/odd watering schedule.
  • Water that sprays off or flows from the resident’s property.
  • If the resident doesn’t fix damaged watering devices within 48 hours.
  • From May 1st to 31st August, any watering between 11 am to 7 pm is waste.
  • Washing of cars, bikes, RV, driveways, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and streets.
  • Fountain of more than 25 surface feet of area at a private residence.

Conversely, the following activities aren’t a part of water waste:

  • Hand watering.
  • Testing of irrigation systems.
  • Watering plants to sell in a licensed nursery.
  • Drip irrigation and bubblers operate in the allowed number of days during the year.
  • Residents can water new landscaping for 30 days.

Keep a Check on Water Quality

Natural water resources are declining. That’s why it’s essential to install an advanced filtration system in your home to ensure your family’s health.

The good news is that DIGNITY PLUMBING guarantees exceptional water quality with its advanced testing techniques. Not only that, but they fix the existing filtration system or install the new one as per the requirements.

A team of experts assesses the existing quality of the water and recommends an optimal solution to fix the problem. Customer satisfaction is their top priority; they offer a guarantee and post-sales services.

You can avail of the following services:

  • On-time service delivery
  • Well-trained staff
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Affordable pricing
  • After-services cleaning

From sediments to pesticides or bacteria, there can be several factors that can degrade the water quality.

Have you recently experienced any change in the water quality and taste? Then, it’s best to schedule an APPOINTMENT today.

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