Water Heater Repair and Replacement

From traditional tanked heaters modern tankless models, we offer a wide range of options to fit your needs. Our team of experienced Las Vegas plumbers is here to provide expert installation and maintenance services.

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Water Heater

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Water Heater Replacement Services

Dignity Plumbing provides quality water heater replacement and installation services in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We also install tankless water heaters with 100% satisfaction. Call us today to schedule your appointment today!

The average lifespan of a water heater in Las Vegas ranges between 8-12 years. With regular maintenance and care, you can stretch that lifespan closer to 15 years. A tankless water heater can last up to 20 years with general maintenance and upkeep.

Here are some indications that your water heater may be going bad or is in need of maintenance or replacement:

  • Rust and debris in your hot water
  • Banging and rumbling when the unit is on
  • Puddle of water in the collection pan
  • You have an old water heater

If you don’t know the age of your current unit, it’s worth checking to see if you’re nearing time for replacement. It pays to prepare before your water heater gives up or fails, which can be inconvenient (at best) or catastrophic and costly (at worst).

Most water heaters have a manufacturing sticker attached with the date it was built:

Since finding the date of installation isn’t always straightforward, here is a resource that you can use to decode your water heater’s serial number.

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Las Vegas Water Heater Experts

Dignity Plumbing is qualified to offer the water heater replacement or installation services you need. We handle all aspects of water heaters. For example, we:

  • Replace water heaters: We are qualified to help with replacing your old water heater and changing it out for a new one.
  • Install water heaters: If your water heater has given up the ghost, then you might want to get a new one. We can recommend which water heater is right for you based on your water heater preferences and goals, as well as the size of your home and number of occupants. We are also certified to install tankless water heaters in your home or business.
  • Repair water heaters: If your water heater simply needs a repair, we can figure out the issue, provide you with options, and make the repair.
  • Maintain water heaters: Ongoing maintenance will ensure that your water heater is around for as long as possible.

Whatever water heater service you need from us, we’re happy to help.

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Water Heater

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Our Water Heater Company

We are proud to provide quality service for all water heaters. But along with that, we emphasize honesty, respect, and complete customer satisfaction.

We only recommend the products that you need. You never have to worry about pushy salespeople with us as all our employees are salaried, not commissioned.

Additionally, our goal is not to just provide a one-time service — though we’re happy to do that. We want to be your choice for continuing water heater services. To this end, we always treat you and your home with respect. That means we show up on time and clean up after ourselves.

Finally, we want your 100% satisfaction. If you’re displeased with any of our work, we’ll gladly come back and correct it until you’re happy.

Please call us today at (702) 840-8910 to schedule your appointment, or book your appointment online.

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Your Satisfaction

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Why does it take so long for my water to get warm?


If you have ever experienced the nuisance of having to wait for hot water, you're not alone. Many homeowners wonder why their water takes so long to heat up and what they can do to fix the problem. Here are some possible reasons why:

  • Too-large pipes
  • Poorly Insulated Pipes
  • Low-flow fixtures
  • Sediment Buildup

Should I Call a Professional to Install My Water Heater?


Before you make this decision, you should evaluate the risks and necessary skills you will need. Replacing a hot water heater is not often a simple job, and any mistakes in the installation could cause serious damage or injury, and even more costs for repairs. While some home maintenance jobs easily fall into the DIY category, if you have any doubts about your ability to install a water heater, you probably should leave it to a professional.

When Is it Time for a Water Heater Replacement?


The answer to that question depends on several factors like the age and condition of your water heater, its related components and your home repair budget.

However, if your conventional storage tank hot water heater is nearing 10-15 years old, it’s likely you need a replacement. A newer model water heater will be much more energy-efficient (up to 25%) and can save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs over its lifetime. However, if your water heater has only been in use for a few years, it may be best to diagnose the problem and invest in repairs.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Water Heater?


The average cost to install a conventional tank-type water heater falls between $800 and $1600. This includes the water heater unit and typical labor for a standard installation. Any additional electrical or plumbing (water or gas) work will add to the total cost. A new tankless style water heater can cost considerably more, between $1,000 and $3,000 for the unit and installation.

Do You Need a Permit to Install or Replace a Water Heater in Las Vegas?


Most cities, towns and municipalities require a permit for replacing a water heater in your home. Codes will vary across states and towns, so always be sure to check the requirements in your area to ensure you are meeting up-to-date codes.

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Your Trusted Local Las Vegas Plumber!

At Dignity Plumbing, we offer both warranties and customer satisfaction on all of our plumbing services. You can expect a warranty dependent on your type of purchase or service. And if you're unhappy with any of our work, we'll come back and fix it at no charge to you. We stand by our work and make sure you get the best plumbing service in Las Vegas!

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