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What Plumbing Work Requires a Permit in Las Vegas


Being a homeowner, whether you want to renovate your home or do any other maintenance, a plumbing project tops the list.

That’s why the Las Vegas building department has documented a comprehensive guide for homeowners to obtain permits for plumbing work.

The following guide presents the scenarios in which you require a permit based on the type of plumbing work you want to perform in your home.

  1. Why do you need a permit for plumbing work?
  2. When do homeowners require permits for plumbing work?
  3. Plumbing works that don’t require permit
  4. How to obtain permits for plumbing work?
  5. Things to consider while doing plumbing projects

Plumbing works are inevitable for homeowners. From scheduled to emergency tasks, you can encounter several plumbing works which require a permit.

Why Do You Need a Permit for Plumbing Work?

Plumbing Work

It’s certainly a valid question that bugs most homeowners; however, it’s for their own good.

A home is a long-term financial investment for any homeowner and obtaining permits offers assurance that the home is protected and safe from any health risk or other hazard.

Other reasons behind obtaining a permit for plumbing work include the following:

  • A permanent record of the type of plumbing work done in the home for calculating resale value, insurance, and other house-related documentation.
  • If your house is insured, the insurance company covers you in case of any hazard if you have obtained a permit for plumbing work.
  • Obtaining permits for the plumbing work ensures compliance with the local regulations of Las Vegas.
  • Doing plumbing work without a permit can become a hassle for subsequent homeowners, thus increasing the overall cost of repairing the existing plumbing.

When Do Homeowners Require Permits for Plumbing Work?

Plumbing Work

If you want to do plumbing work in your home, it’s best to contact the city building department for suggestions and a way forward.

However, you should obtain a permit to install additional plumbing systems besides regular service and maintenance. Experienced plumbing companies like Dignity Plumbing can guide you in the process.

For instance, the following plumbing improvement requires a permit in Las Vegas:

  • Installation of water softener or water heater.
  • Replacing the existing water heater or softener with a new one.
  • Replacement, emergency repair, and alteration of leaking or damaged concealed piping.
  • Installation of building sewers.
  • Relocation or remodeling of the existing plumbing system.
  • Installation of a solar hot water system.
  • Installation of water service and exterior drains.

Also, it’s essential to note that the above list doesn’t include all plumbing tasks.

Instead, the primary objective of highlighting different plumbing works is to offer a basic understanding to the homeowners regarding obtaining a permit for plumbing works.

There are certain plumbing projects which require a permit:

  • Remodeling - If you want to install a new bathroom in the house, exterior drains, or new sewer and water lines, you need to obtain a permit.
  • Replacement - You should obtain a permit to replace a swerve line, water heater, or piping.
  • Emergency - If any existing water pipe bursts or gets damaged, you need to do an emergency repair or replacement. For such emergency plumbing work, you need a permit.

Plumbing Works That Don’t Require Permit

Plumbing Work

Let’s discuss the plumbing tasks which don’t require a permit from the city building department. This way, homeowners can save time and worry about obtaining a permit.

Lucky for you, the following plumbing improvements don’t require a permit:

  • Replace or repair a sink, toilet, and shower heads.
  • Repair or replace a faucet that isn’t concealed in the wall.
  • Install a water feature or a fountain that you can fill up to 18 inches or less using a hose.
  • Replacement of a hose bib.
  • Repair or replacement of downspouts and rain gutters.
  • Installation of a water filter.
  • Resurfacing shower walls.
  • Addition or alteration of the irrigation mechanism; however, the back flow device should be approved.
  • Re-grouting tiles.
  • Replacing or resurfacing of countertops.

How to Obtain Permits for Plumbing Work?

Plumbing Work

Once you evaluate the plumbing work and determine the corresponding permit, the next step is to contact a licensed contractor or Building and Safety department to process the permit.

You can visit the website of the City of Las Vegas Building and Safety department or call (702) 872-3927.

In simple plumbing tasks, all you need to do is to download a form, complete it and send it to the city department along with its fee. However, complicated tasks require detailed prior planning and approvals.

On the contrary, if you hire a licensed plumbing service, they will be responsible for obtaining the required permit.

Things to Consider While Doing Plumbing Projects

Some homeowners opt to do the plumbing themselves; however, it’s essential to be aware of permits required for such projects:

  • First, you should evaluate your skill set before beginning any plumbing task.
  • It’s essential to see if permits are required if you do the plumbing work yourself.
  • If you require a permit for plumbing work, you shouldn’t proceed with the do-it-yourself project without obtaining it. However, you may need to pay a hefty investigation fee if you begin the plumbing task prior to the permit.

Conversely, if you hire a contractor, follow these tips:

  • While working with a licensed contractor, you should research to familiarize yourself with their expertise and the permit process. 
  • Before availing of the services of the contractors, you should check their license with Nevada’s Contractors board. This way, you’ll know that the contractor has a legal license.
  • You shouldn’t proceed with a contractor willing to do the plumbing work without requiring permits.
  • It’s best to keep copies of the inspection and permits for future records.
  • The City of Las Vegas building department offers different resources to assist homeowners with the inspection and permit process.

Always Opt for Trustworthy Plumbing Experts

Whether you have water problems, a clogged drain, or no hot water, it’s best to call the experts.

Lucky for you, Dignity Plumbing offers premium-quality plumbing services at affordable rates.

With more than 20 years of experience, they offer 24/7 plumbing services, including water heater replacement, main line repairs, jetting, and commercial plumbing under one roof.

One of the most significant reasons behind opting for plumbing services  is the extended warranty on the repair and installation work.

You can be sure of the following services:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Fully-stocked vans
  • Professional staff
  • Comprehensive plumbing plans
  • Discounted services on bundled packages

Do you have pending plumbing work in your home? Look no further and schedule an APPOINTMENT with Dignity Plumbing right away.

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