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How Much Does Main Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Cost In Las Vegas?


Do you know that more than 500,000 miles of private sewers in the USA are connected to public sewers? All of these sewer lines are equally susceptible to damage and blockages.

And when it comes to the main sewer line at your place, it's critical to maintain it properly. Or else, the main water leak might cause problems for you and cost you thousands to fix or replace.

If you are having trouble with your main sewer line in Las Vegas and asking how much it will cost you, here is a breakdown of its repair and replacement cost:

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement—By Type

When it pertains to sewer line replacement and repairs, professionals do it in many ways. They may demand a lot of cash based on how much labor is necessary and other aspects.

Sewer Line Repair

Main Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Cost in Las Vegas

Sewer line usually repairs entail installing a new system that typically costs between $50 and $250 every foot. However, most people spend between $50 and $125 per foot depending on different scenarios.

The cost of a sewer line hinges on a few factors such as:

  • What infrastructure do you already have in regards to plumbing
  • The length of the sewage line
  • Where new equipment will be installed on your land

Considering these factors, the price of a repair will vary.

Sewer Line Replacement

A replacement sewer line can cost as low as $1,000 and as high as $4,000. The sewer line's cost varies depending on the materials of the pipe.

There are two main types of sewer line pipe:

  • PVC pipes
  • Cast iron pipes

Most plumbers will recommend PVC, although most prefer cast iron for its durability. And the former can cost up to four times as much as PVC.

Replacement of the Main Sewer Pipe and Laterals From House to Street

A replacement pipe that reaches deeper into the roadway might cost up to $25,000. A sewer line and its passage from dwelling to the street are more costly to install than other fixes or updates. 

This is due to extra considerations such as pipe trench construction and the range between the private building's connection and the city's connections.

Basement Sewer Line Replacement    

If your sewer line replacement involves trenches, brace yourself to spend $300 to $1000 for every foot of trenching. Furthermore, if you have to do trenching below the concrete, it will need $150+.

Main Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Cost in Las Vegas

Sewer Trap Replacement

When you have to resolve a sewer trap problem, you must seek a professional's help. Since the plumbers work on an hourly basis, they might charge you $50 to $200 per hour. Also, add the replacement materials to this estimate.

Broken or Cracked Sewer Pipe Repair

If you're merely replacing a section of the sewer line, replacing a pipe costs about $1,000. When it comes to busted or cracked gear, replacement is often the only alternative.

Tree Roots in Sewer Line Repair

The cost of eradicating tree branches from a drainage system is between $100 and $500. The cost of having the sewer checking using a camera is $350. 

If the roots have displaced or cracked the lines, your technician may advise that at least one section of the system be replaced.

Collapsed Line Repair

If a sewer line collapses, it cannot be repaired. You need to reinstall the entire line, and it will cost up to $250 for every foot of work.

Main Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Cost in Las Vegas

Trenching Costs

While trenching involves penetrating your infrastructure to repair the sewer line, it causes more property damage. It does not cost much ($4 to $12 per foot), but it adds up to the total cost of repair.

Trenchless Sewer Repair/Replacement

If you don't want to go trenching, ask your technician about trenchless replacement. Although it keeps more of your property intact, it will cost more ($60 and $250 per foot).

So it is better to discuss it with your plumbing expert, and he can better guide you about the best option. Trenchless methods work by either CIPP lining or pipe bursting method:

CIPP lining

The CIPP lining repair cost is $80-$250 for every foot. So you can consider it to cost around $10,000 on average. In CIPP lining the technician inserts an epoxy-soaked liner into the existing pipes. CIPP lining only needs one entry point digging, so it will limit the amount of destruction to your land.


For pipe bursting, the cost per foot ranges from $50 to $200. A compressor or hydraulic head is inserted into the sewer to shatter down old brittle mud or iron plumbing.

Factors to Consider for Sewer Line Replacement 

The budget of main sewer repair varies depending on the components used and the degree of the problem.

Fixing metal pipes, for instance, can multiply your cost by two. In addition, the length of the pipe that must travel from your home to the town connections is also a major contributing factor.

You'll need to plan for property care if your main sewer renovation necessitates it. All in all, below are the major contributing factors:

  • Material of the pipes
  • Distance (the length of the pipe for replacement)
  • Location of the pipe
  • Type of fixing the pipe
  • The degree of the damage 
  • Yard repair

DIY or Hiring a Professional

Any type of main sewer repair work is a job for a skilled plumber. Although it is possible to do it manually, you run the danger of causing problems resulting in wastewater getting back to your property. Skilled work adds an extra level of assurance. 

Resolve Your Main Sewer Line Problems Now!

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