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Plumbing Inspection: 6 Signs You Need Plumbing Inspection in Las Vegas


Do you know that about 14000 homeowners in the USA had to deal with plumbing emergencies daily? Water leakage or plumbing disasters are not so rare. And there is a lot of video content on the internet to help people deal with the situation.

But guess what?

Those videos make the situation even worse. The naiveness of the individuals will make them call a plumbing expert the very next moment they try to fix a pipe in the house.

However, you can DIY many regular plumbing woes such as toilet clogging or garbage disposal. Even so, there are common plumbing emergencies that need plumbing inspection immediately.

So if you want to know the signs when you need a plumbing inspection for your home in Las Vegas, read this:

1. Slow or Clogged Drains

Plumbing Inspection for Your Home in Las Vegas

Slow or clogged drains are very annoying for anyone. Most people assume it is a common plumbing issue and get to DIY using liquid drain cleaners and other chemicals.

Sometimes you can solve the problem with such cleaners, but it does not always work. Moreover, these chemicals might also partially unclog the drain, and you see water flowing down. Still, the problem will arise again after some time.

Besides, the drain cleaner chemicals often comprise harmful ingredients that can damage your pipes in the long run.

Many individuals will endeavor to clear the clog with a drain snake. But here is a catch as well. You can damage the pipe if you undertake it and do not realize what you are dealing with, bringing far more trouble.

A qualified plumber is the best way to clear a blockage and get water running smoothly down the sewer. They will know how to get rid of the clog in the safest method possible.

2. Sudden Water Pressure Drop

Plumbing Inspection for Your Home in Las Vegas

If the water pressure at your residence unexpectedly drops, you should contact a skilled plumber right away. Unruly plumbing could be as simple as a blocked aerator in the tap or a blocked toilet. 

The issue may be more grave, and there is a leakage in the waterline. If so, water will keep collecting behind the walls, bringing significant water damage and possibly mold and mildew growth.

All in all, if your water flow unexpectedly drops, you should immediately contact a licensed plumbing professional.

3. Rusty Water

Whenever you open up the tap and see the brown and orangey water running from it, it indicates that you have rusting pipes. This is a real problem, and you must contact a skilled plumber right away!

If only the heated water is rusting, then it's the grit that has most probably assembled within your hot water system. Your pipelines are most likely rusted if your warm and cool water is rusty.

Bathing in rusty water is dangerous. It's also not safe to consume or prepare food with. So the earlier you get a licensed plumber to do the appropriate fixes, the safer your water would be.

4. Water Heater Issues

Plumbing Inspection for Your Home in Las Vegas

The water heater becomes your ground reality if you live in Las Vegas. 


If your water is not functioning accurately, you will have a problem taking a shower, doing the laundry, and doing the other cleaning tasks. In simple terms, you will be unable to do your routine chores when missing the hot water.

If you notice any glitches mentioned below, you should contact a licensed expert.

  • The water heater is not working best since water do not get hot
  • You hear gurgling or strange sounds from your water heater
  • If you see a layer of moisture on your water heating unit
  • You see brown or rusty water coming out from the faucet.

Hot water system maintenance must not be attempted on your own. You may wind up creating more damage than help if you make an error.

In addition, if you attempt a home fix on your water heater, the warranty will be forfeited. A licensed plumber's skills and understanding will be required to help to determine the starting point of the issue and consider making the necessary repair services.

5. Babbling Sounds Coming From the Drains

If you hear bubbling noises coming from your drain, you must contact a licensed professional immediately. Whenever there is a massive blockage in the pipelines, this issue occurs.

When the water cannot travel through the drain in its original progression, it will have to shift directions to reach the drainage. So when water flows in a different path, it makes a bubbling noise.

You may face the problem of a full-blown blockage if you don't contact an expert as soon as the trouble arises, making it hard for water to flow off to the drainage.

6. No Water Availability

If you turn on the tap, but no water flows down, you have an issue and should contact a professional immediately. This might be due to the clog within the pipelines that prevents water from reaching the tap.

If the situation isn't addressed, you can have busted pipes. There may also be a leakage in the pipes. Such pipe leakage could result in significant damage or mold growth in your property.

Since living without water can be pretty uncomfortable, you must contact a licensed specialist as soon as possible.

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