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Finding the Right Garbage Disposal Installation Services in Las Vegas

garbage disposal

In today’s modern kitchen, a garbage disposal system is considered an integral part of the setup. It makes disposing of waste quick and easy with relatively less to clean up compared with using only a traditional bin.

In Las Vegas, the three main categories of waste are solid waste, recyclables, and food waste. That is why it is important to have a well-functioning garbage disposal system that helps eliminate food waste.

In addition, in Las Vegas, in 2019 it was ranked the 10th largest garbage landfill in the world with its size amounting to 2,200 acres. It is also the biggest landfill in the United States.Garbage Disposal Installation

Where is the Garbage Disposal System Located?

All garbage disposal systems are mounted underneath a kitchen sink. It is used to gather solid food waste in a grinding chamber.

For the disposal to work, it is switched on and then an impeller plate immediately begins to force the food against the outer wall of the grinding chamber.

The food is then pulverized into tiny pieces, which are then washed away by water through the holes in the wall of the chamber pot.

It should be noted that garbage disposal system’s do not have sharp blades but they do have two blunt metal impellers.

What Can Go Into A Garbage Disposal System?

Although almost anything can be put into a garbage can, the same cannot be said for a garbage disposal system. Not all types of food and liquids can be thrown into the system as it can damage the system by causing clogs and disposal jams.

Therefore, you should know what foods are best fit to go into a garbage disposal system. Generally, tough or fibrous scraps of food, peels, oil and other types of grease, as well as pits and other hard objects should not go into the system as they will cause damage to the system.

What Kind of Garbage Disposal System Should You Purchase?

Choosing a new garbage disposal system is not a complicated process. They can be found in any of the local appliance shops or home centers in Las Vegas.

There you can pick up a standard system model that will satisfy your needs adequately. Or you can do some additional research to explore the supplementary features that may be offered such as soundproofing, or stainless steel grinding chambers.

How is a Garbage Disposal System Installed?

When installing a new garbage disposal system, it is important to take note of certain key steps needed to ensure the proper installation of your garbage disposal that will be functional.

Also, keep in mind that some safety precautions should be observed before tackling a garbage disposal system installation.

For instance, you may want to protect yourself and your property from damage caused by heavy components of the disposal system in the disassembling process.

A garbage disposal system installation typically follows several of these basic steps. The nitty-gritty specifics will depend on the unit that will be installed, its existing condition, as well as where it will be installed.

The three steps included here refer to the integral components of the installation process. These include:

  1. Removing the Old Unit
  2. Installing the New Uni
  3. Testing the New Unit

Step 1: Removing the Old Unit.

If there is an old garbage disposal system that needs to be replaced the first part to installing the new one will be to remove the old one.

Ensure that you have the owner’s manual to verify how the system is to be taken apart. Establishing a support structure beneath the system is a good idea to provide stability.

This is because a garbage disposal system can weigh up to 15 pounds and the weight may take you by surprise when disassembling it. Therefore, you may harm yourself and your surrounding area as a result of the unexpected weight.

Moreover, you should have something for the heavy parts to land safely on to prevent damage.

garbage disposal with leftover food scraps

Step 2: Installing the New Unit.

It is important to make sure that your circuit breaker to the kitchen is switched off before beginning the installation process.

Take note of the manufacturer’s instruction manual as the installation of the system will depend on this. The installation will begin with the stacking components such as the fiber gasket and mountain ring on top of each other.

After this has been secured, you will need to attach the drain to the system as well as make all the necessary electrical connections. Once this has been completed, you can mount and hang the disposal itself.

Step 3: Testing the New Disposal.

Once the disposal has been fitted you will need to place a stopper in the drain and fill the sink up with water amounting to an inch of water. Following this, check where the garbage disposal system is for any signs of leaks.

Then confirm that all the seals put in place are sealed tightly before turning on the disposal to ensure that the system is running correctly.

Problems with a Garbage Disposal System

Many of the problems found relating to a garbage disposal system are caused by jams. This is an easy fix, however, if the jam is ignored and the system is used repeatedly it could result in the motor burning out.

Another common issue with a garbage disposal system is clogging which is caused by disposing of improper foods such as those mentioned above and other hard-to-grind foods in the disposal system.

These clogs can appear in the disposal itself, however, they are usually found in the drainpipe downstream of the disposal.

To prevent clogs from appearing, the best way is to avoid placing any of the problem scraps into the disposal system and put them into the trash bin instead.

In addition, regularly cleaning the garbage disposal system is imperative to avoid clogs.

If you do a little damage control when it comes to your garbage disposal system, it can save you from spending hundreds of dollars on service calls and installations of new units.

Why Is Using Professional Help Better When Installing Garbage Disposals?

Replacing and installing a garbage disposal system can be extremely difficult to accomplish on your own. Making a small mistake when installing could lead to you spending more money than necessary.

That is why in Las Vegas, there are very reliable plumbing companies such as Dignity Plumbing where we promise 100% satisfaction.

We are also able to provide you with garbage disposals that we have on hand which will eliminate any stress in finding the right fit.

All you need to do is contact us on (702) 872-3927.

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